Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ominous loss for the Dodgers in Pittsburgh

Dodgers lose to Pirates in Pittsburgh 15-7. Magic number remains at 9

The one word that best describes this evening was the word "ominous". That would be the one adjective that best described the intuitive feeling I had in my gut after this game. There were ominous signs throughout the course of the game, in my opinion. Among them:
-The incessant, karma provoking mocking of all things Pittsburgh by the smarm producing Charlie Steiner, typically piggybacked by Josh and Ken on the radio side nightly. Not looked at kindly by the God's of Baseball.
-The total collapse of Chad Billingsley in the biggest game of the year, in particular his walking the bases loaded with two outs followed by the crushing Grand Salami by Adam Laroche.
-The possible end of Nomar's career, smashing his knee running around third, on the third anniversary evening of the 4 homerun game. Also freakish.
-The implausible 8 runs scored by the Pirates, ALL WITH TWO OUTS, after a simple choice by Torre to go with the lefty Scott Elbert removing the righty Scott Proctor who pitched his best game all year, causing a chain reaction crash heard 3000 miles away.

While numerous things must simultaneously happen for the perfect storm of a Dodger collapse, the opening strains to such a song seem to have been sung here on this rather disturbing evening in Pennsylvania, the state that will also have an enormous impact on the general election.

Are we on our way to becoming this years Mets? Or are the Mets on their way to becoming this years Mets, yet again? Tomorrows game is far bigger now for the 20 year old prodigy then it was mere hours ago. Torre's leadership AND decision making is slightly more vice like.

I shudder to think.


Blogger Michael Pascoe said...

The Dodgers went 14 of 16 and they were due to lose and big. If I’m not mistaken, I think the magic number is eight. It was a heartbreaker though because the Dodgers caught up after being down by I think seven only to lose. Tony, I am also on pins and needles until the season is over. Then, if they get in, I will die a thousand deaths until it’s all over.

It’s too much to ask for to have the Diamondbacks lose their four games in a row while we go on another winning streak. I only wish this so to end this torture that the next ten games will bring.

(And to Jamie: I am glad to go through this torture because that means that our team is in the hunt. Sports is a masochistic activity that’s for sure.)

10:23 AM  
Blogger Michael Pascoe said...

Tony, for your Dodger fix, check this out

10:28 AM  

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