Thursday, July 21, 2005

Faith and Gratitude

I'm broke as hell right now. Again. I'm broke and can't see what to do. My little tiny eenie teenie human mind has no idea what I'm going to do to feed myself and put more gas in my car. I'm going to myself for information. This can only happen if I go either to the past or the future. The only solution to my problems are spiritual in nature. The only place this information can exist is in the present moment. I cannot go to "me" for a solution. I must go to my higher power, as it were, my higher self. My god mind for an actual solution. When I do this, truly, something remarkable happens. A change in perception occurs. From a place of hopeless emptiness and lack, I am made deeply aware of abundance. I am given instructions on how to tend that abundance, even if it exists in a half carton of eggs. I am given a spiritual recipe for my evening feast. Eggey woggys. Delicious and meaty. I then begin to see what the hell I thought was absent. There! Hey, that's an air conditioner I have. It's keeping me from the unmerciful deadly crisping going on outside. My kitties have clean litter today, albeit a sample of natural papier Maiche litter that only hippies would use, but it's God again. And samples of natural hard food, with substances. All from the liberal For Pets Only people in Los Feliz. God bless you, you commies.
And more, and much more, there, a can of german potatoes, hmmm good. Guess what this is? That's right. It's Gratitude dude. Gratidude. I walk through 98 percent of my day ungrateful because I don't see. To see, one must go to one's real seer. Then, do not shame oneself for "knowing" these things intellectually and not being able to do them 24/7. It's like meditation. Just bring your mind back home. It's simply a correction. And fear of tomorrow, lack of faith, needs a correction. The millionteenth times I have been mystically taken care of and forget, needs simple correction. It starts with being in the present moment. It grows into Gratitude and becomes Faith and, if one is so blessed, Grace. The masters make it look so easy. The reason they are masters are because it is so amazingly hard to do. But, the masters reveal the simplicity. Tonight, its been made simple. What a gift.
Now, tomorrow...


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