Thursday, June 30, 2005

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Today is the last day of the traditional school year. There are virtually no students here at all. Hollywood High minus students is one of the most serene and quietous environs in the city. I have a four day vacation, which will be quite busy actually, and then transfer to C-Track to begin a year long assignment one-to-one with a mentally challenged junior. Change is in the air again. This is the third track change I have had in a years time. Everytime one begins a new gig, there are so many things to consider. Most of the concerns have to do with interaction with people. I worked almost four years with my last student who was a severely handicapped little person with the disposition of a bull. He absolutely hated me. Still does. This new student seems quite nice. I have seen him in adapted PE class last year. He doesn't appear strong headed at all. But I have some concerns about the teacher. An older gentlemen who seems very fastidious and anal, He has already tweeked my assignment. I now have to come in approximately forty five minutes to an hour later than normal. While this may at first glance appear positive, it may create serious problems with parking. Hollywood High closes it's gates at 8:00AM. By that hour there is almost no parking anyway. I have no idea how that situation will be resolved, but I'm sure it will somehow. I then have to assist the student off campus, across the street and wait for the MTA bus to pick him up. I am not paid for overtime. I need to figure out exactly how long that will take and adjust this somehow with my arrival time. Now, I know this all sounds mundane, but believe me, it is not. The administrators are not helpful about this and they are just telling me to make it work. Which, I'm sure it will. But I need to put everything into an "I need to know" file. Trust? God no. That would be terrible. I have to confess, any situation which may cause possible friction is terrifying to me. I mean, if there is any possibility that a circumstance could arrise where, God forbid, you may not like me, well then that would be it. I mean, really now! The bottom line is that you must like me under every nook and cranny. I am trying to figure that one out. A litte "coda" issue going on here? A little "Al-anon" stuff? Yes. But I know that with time and effort, I will begin to think less of what you think of me and more of what God and I think of each other. As they say "What you think of me is not my business, it's between God and myself". Much more easier said than done. Wish me luck.


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