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Turmoil rocks jobless benefits agency

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Power plays at the expense of those in need.

Turmoil rocks jobless benefits agency

As state unemployment claims rise, troubles at the board that oversees appeals trigger a huge backlog.

By Patrick McGreevy
Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

July 27 2008

SACRAMENTO — As rising unemployment floods the state with benefit claims, the agency that workers often appeal to for help is in turmoil, with accusations of rampant nepotism, alleged meddling by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's political appointees, the ouster of a top official and a huge backlog of cases.

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First of all people, this is simply more of the same fucking bullshit that has affected employees in all segments of society. In my particular case, if it wasn't enough to be fucked up the ass by LAUSD for over a full year in terms of not getting paid properly due to the BTS payroll fuck up, NOW as many hundred, if not thousands, of employees who work for the district, among others, are told to basically fuck off by the Employment Development Department because of neopotistic greed and satanic evil being perpetrated by the Governor's office to attempt to hijack the appeals board of the EDD, we have the answer to our questions as to what in God's name is going on.

Just to give an overview:

I work for LAUSD and our school, Hollywood High, has gone from year round to traditional which means that our job status changes just this particular summer from twelve months to ten. This means we are entitled to unemployment benefits for July and August of this year only. I filed a claim in late June, along with many of my co-workers, and submitted my claim forms. Over four weeks elapsed with absolutely no response from anyone. I began to get calls from friends and co-workers who know that I have experience with the EDD, having gone through three appeals due to administrative incompetence at the site level where I work. Numerous calls told me they either heard nothing, received incomprehensible mish moshes of notes that made no sense from the EDD, or were rejected outright, even though they have this special circumstances qualification.

I advised all of them to call EDD, which I needed to do myself as a month had passed without any response whatsoever, no idea if I qualified or was declined.

What a joke that turned out to be.

The Employment Development Department, for those of you who remember, used to have offices that we could go to and stand in line embarrased by shame at others seeing us, but getting our claims processed by real people. About five to seven years ago, this entire system was changed, replaced by a single 800 number call center to handle ALL the claims. This number began to become clogged, but you could still get ahold of someone. NOT ANYMORE BABY!!!!! Good fucking luck if you can ever get through to anyone on this line. The only thing you can do is listen to recorded information and check to see if you got paid or fucked up the ass.

After one thousand attempts at calling this number, I finally said eat my shit you motherfuckers, and started looking for alternatives. I opened my phonebook and rifled through it to see if there was a shred of any other number other than the fake crap they told us to call. I managed to call a number of the job development offices around the area. These apparently are set up to look for work, but also are connected to the EDD main system. I would get ahold of humans and tell them my problem. Most just hung up on me, or transferred me to the recorded number which ALWAYS says the same thing: a nice woman's recorded voice telling you that the system is overloaded and go fuck yourself.

Finally, I managed to reach a nice African-American woman in Inglewood at the State EDD job center who listened to my sad ass story and said she would help me. But not before another wonderful young African-American woman at LAUSD reached through a pile of forms backlogged on her desk and said "hey, here's your claim", and processed it with the help of three other people.

Unfortunately, my dire financial state required me to go down to the County of Los Angeles' Department of Public Social Services where for two full days I had to endure the indignity and ignominy of applying for food stamps with the deranged, homeless and meek of the other words the GOOD people of this world.

After going through the most rigorous screening this side of Communist China, I was told I didn't qualify for ONE SINGLE PENNY of food stamp help. I fell apart completely in front of the supervisor and demanded to speak to his supervisor, through the veil of my tears.

Then, I prayed. I prayed and prayed as hard as I have in years. I told God that no matter what happened we would be okay...NOT. I PLEADED with him to spare me in a terrified and wimpy ass lack of faith way. But I did turn it over..yes I did. Moments later the supervisor came back and said they had fixed the problem and I would be getting a full months supply of Food Stamps, no longer coupons but in the form of an EBT card that looks like an AMEX Gold Card, saving me the indiginity of being laughed at in the lines at Gelsons.

Later, I also was told by Paula...the good lady from Inglewood...that they had finally approved my Unemployment case and I would be getting a check sometime later this week. Only one week though, not two, because the first week is a waiting period.

A waiting period?

What the fuck am I waiting for? Who am I waiting for? What the fuck does that mean?

None of it makes any sense. Read this article though, people. You need to know. And if you don't, you better AKS somebody!


Blogger Michael Pascoe said...

What a fucking mess this past eight years have been. Have you ever seen a group of thugs who have been this reckless? The Corleone's maybe.

3:06 PM  
Blogger Tony Forkush said...

Outrageousness in its most outrageous form.

Obama will crush McCain.

11:56 PM  
Blogger Michael Pascoe said...

I hope so. I am not so much in Obama's corner like I was. He has done a 180 since he got the presumptive nominee. But, I suppose it is better than McCain. Should I vote for Nader? I'm thinking about it. Talk me out of it fellows. Give me reason's other than my dad. He hates Obama and when I asked him why I should vote for him, he said because he is a Democrat.

I hate voting for that reason. I've been doing that for thirty years and I thought we had the perfect candidate this time. Now he is just as cooperate as the rest. But he did seem Presidential last week during his world tour.

Help me my friends on Stop This Noise in My Head. Tell me why I should vote for him other than he is the better of two evils.

7:54 AM  
Blogger Michael Pascoe said...

It seems that rich people can do whatever destructive thing they want. We are in a drought in Las Vegas and we have to reduce our water use. Even to the point of getting rid of our lawn. Yet Steve Wynn can use as much water as he wants because he brings in revenue.

His fountains at the Mirage has dropped the level at Lake Mead to a dangerous level and his private residence of Lake Las Vegas has taken even more. And still the rich can take what they want as we are still forced to conserve.

And if that’s not bad enough, we have more golf courses per capita than any other city. At my parents master plan community called Aliante, they are not allowed to have a lawn. When they put in the fake stuff, the association had a fit. It didn’t matter they said if it was fake. The others will think it’s real and will think my parents are not conserving. But, they finally were able to put in the fake stuff that looks horribly fake.

And you’ll never guess what’s around them? You guessed it. . . golf courses. Yes, Aliante allows a golf course and yet the residence are not allowed to have grass. My dad says that he is so depressed because of the lack of color. I guess he doesn’t bring in any revenue for the city.

This is kind of what is going on throughout the country. The rich cooperation’s do what they want while the rest of us are suffering. They raise gas prices far more than we can afford to spend. And yet we have to pump and pump and squeeze every drop that our pocket books will let us. It’s a Catch 22. We can’t get to work because we can’t afford the gas and yet we need to get to work to put gas into our car. I thought we were stealing the oil from Iraq? How come we are still paying too much for gas?

I think we are all living in Superman’s Bizarro World. I guess we have Mr. Mxyzptlk (George Bush) to blame. Where is the Man of Steel to get us out?

8:26 AM  
Blogger JamieB. said...

Pascoe, you should vote for who you feel comfortable voting for but definitely vote. If you like the way things have gone the last few years and don't like Senator Obama then you should vote for Senator McCain who is a remarkable American. If you are interested in changing the way things are being done in this country, domestically and abroad, then hold your nose and vote for Senator Obama. A vote for Nader has, unfortunately, become a complete waste of time. I can see why you might be turned off by politics there in Nevada. The economy is terrible, Governor Gibbons is literally a piece of shit, Goodman has become a drunken non-factor (as far as I can tell,) Harry Reid is not particularly inspiring and Ensign is whatever. But you must vote!

8:27 PM  
Blogger Michael Pascoe said...

You are correct about Gibbons. The man was seen partying in Las Vegas with a Do-rag and Bling. He said that he should have fun like normal people. If he wanted to be a normal person, then he should have left the job to the person that wanted it, Dina Titus.

I will vote. I do not like the way things are and that’s what I am mad at. I thought Obama was going to be the one that will rise above the crap. I wanted an African American because they have shown in the past that they will not take crap from anyone. The Black Caucus has shown that. You have heard that he is not black enough? It’s his cooperate affiliation that worries me.

We are talking amongst friends. When it comes down to it, Obama will probably be a great president. I do know one thing. Obama is correct. A vote for McCain is four more years of Bush. I don’t know what happened to him, but he is just a ventriloquist dummy whose strings are being pulled by the Neo Cons. I don’t know if our country will ever get back on its feet, but if McCain wins, it will destroy this it. We will become like Mexico.

So the point is you guys need to come up with better reasons that he is better than McBush.

8:05 AM  
Blogger Tony Forkush said...

Ewell Gibbons? "Many parts are edible".

12:26 AM  

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