Sunday, May 03, 2009

Mannys being Mannys.

The city of Los Angeles can now boast of having two Manny's as their native sons. Dominican superstar Manny Ramirez must now be joined by Filipino superstar boxer Manny Pacquiao, who trains at Freddy Roach's Wild Card gym in Hollywood California. Pacquiao quelled any possible question about his pound for pound status tonight with a two round total destruction of Manchester England's blue moon son Ricky "the Hitman" Hatton. From the moment the bell rang for round one, it was a total mismatch. Ironically, my friend Alex and I both gave Hatton a pretty solid chance at the upset tonight, along with my friend Michael's brother in law Ladonne. All of us are very informed boxing fans and all three of us look like idiots. Paradoxically, it was my friend Alex's wife Roberta who knew the moment this fight was signed that Hatton would be toast. Funny how those who don't know often know more than those of us who think we know (say what?). Any way you look at it, Pac Man must now be placed in the discussion of the greatest of all time. Whether you agree with the judge's decisions in the Juan Manuel Marquez fights (many still think JMM won BOTH fights...I believe Manny won both), the fact is that he has beaten Marco Antonio Barrera twice (destroyed him in fight 1), is 2 and 1 against Terrible' Morales (with a wipe out in fight three), 2 and 0 over Marquez, arguably the other greatest fighter in the world, crushed De La Hoya and massacred Hatton. Thank God the fight ended when it did tonight because if Hatton had a better chin he would be dead from the accumulation of bombs to the head and body. It looks like his next big fight will be either Pretty Boy Floyd if Floyd, who announced his comeback earlier today in Vegas, defeats Juan Manuel Marquez in July, not necessarily a fait accomplis by any means.

In other news.....Dodgers are now 9 and 0 at home to tie the 1946 Brooklyn Bums for the best home start in franchise history. Tomorrow they go for the record...ho hum.


Blogger JamieB. said...

Seems like the more I mention Eric Milton and Jeff Weaver the more the Dodgers win. Eric Milton should be the Dodgers #4 starter. You guys might win the World Series if you have him and Jeff Weaver in your starting rotation.

5:01 PM  
Blogger Tony Forkush said...

Along with Claudio Vargas.

7:23 PM  
Blogger Michael Pascoe said...

Nice victory in extra innings. It didn't seem like it would take very long. I said to my wife, "What are the Padres doing walking Manny." Now come on you second guessers, did you really think that was a good move?

I know Manny could have punched that think out here, but Ethier always plays well batting behind Manny. Plus, if you looked all of the possible scenerios that could have happened after the walk, they were all bad. A hit batsman brings in the winning run. Another walk off walk, a pass ball, a balk... I can go on. Also, there was no outs, so a double play would not end the inning.

Loading the bases at the bottom of an inning is not good when the game is on the line.

10:49 AM  

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