Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Am I cheating at work again?

Here I am in the library at school during a conference period for my teacher. I am currently a classroom aide at school, for the time being. But, my boss isn't here today. So here I am writing and surfing, using this period which is allotted for nothing, to write and futz. In every other school, if you are an aide you get this period to do whatever is required for the teacher. However, if there is nothing then you get a free pass. But at Hollywood High school, with their paranoia, they expect us to go to the main office and ask if they have anything for us to do, which may or may not be legal. But yet I feel guilty. Even though I have come in everyday for four years I still feel guilty. They use that guilt as a means to intimidate. That is true. So I am going to enjoy this little "conference" period. Even if it kills me.


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