Friday, May 06, 2005

Please use the archive key

Hello. Just a friendly little reminder from the webmaster. Please use the archive key when trying to access all blogs to this site. The archive key is located directly to your right and down under the archive icon. When clicking the archive key, please refer to the month and year of the archival location. This will automatically reference a listing of prior blogs that I have written on this site. These blogs may contain more information referrencing additional blogs located on this site as well. When activating prior blogs with pertinent information to the archives withing the older blogs, please use the very same icon, located down and to your right. The more you click, the faster and more thorough the accessing of all pertinent archive information and blogs will become. If you experience any technical difficulties in blogging prior archives on this site, please activate any of the additional help buttons found within the blog portion of the blog. This allows for easy and free accesability. If easy accesability is denied then review the prior procedures and hit the little house icon above the title text on the taskbar above. This key, the "refresh" key, will "refresh" your situation and allow for a return to easy accesability and access to the archives. Again, please use the archive key for all your archival pleasure. Thank you and have a good day. Have a good day. Thank you. Press the key please.
...The Webmaster.


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