Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Quick Write

Just a couple of minutes left in the lunch period I have no idea exactly how long but soon the bell will ring and I will go back to the new class I'm part of the new class because my dwarf student had surgery and he can't walk for a year and won't be back for a very long time and he is sad and depressed but he didn't like me and wouldn't talk to me at all so I'm with new kids who are kind of tough and they are really tough actually and then I have to go get my CPAP machine for my sleep apnia in the valley but I'm scared because they are shooting people you know "they" and I don't want to get shot today because I need my CPAP machine and It seems like a kind of H.R. Geiger thingy and it reminds me of Johnathyn Price in Brazil and my life is becoming more and more like Brazil but it's all good isn't that what the hippies say or the readers of Donald Neal Milch who talks to god who is a woman and a man played by Ellen Burstyn and Edward Asner and it's not always good when you get shot on the freeway and they have to interview you on the TV boy I need to wake up cause I'm at work and I'm tired and this is what's left of my art kind of right now but that's okay cause it's all good. The bell!


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