Saturday, January 07, 2006

Am I over it?

I think I am just starting to get over USC's loss to Texas. How do I know this? Because I think I've got the lesson of the loss. It simply led me back to the great wisdom.
I had the most hollow feeling when the game ended. I was disconsolate. I couldn't get to work the next day. I felt that my fairy tale had ended. I, personally, had been robbed of imortality by Vince Young, the new great Satan. But something funny happened the next day. I got out of the house and went to a meeting. As I drove from Los Feliz to Atwater, my spiritual home, I noticed how gentle and lovely the day looked and felt. I wondered if I was hallucinating. But indeed it was a truly beautiful day out. I then understood that I had been given something far greater than had USC won that game. I had been given some kind of peace. There are remarkable lessons in losing, which most of us can't even comprehend learning in this win-at-all-costs world. The Dalai Lama has this as one of his 18 thoughts for 2005: learn the lessons of the loss. I'm not sure I can even articulate what that lesson is, except that peace is with us. That the game was the gift. That it is good to be alive and experience all the levels that existence has to offer. It felt really good.
Now, let's go out in '06, kick butt and take names!


Blogger Michael Pascoe said...

I too felt empty after the USC loss. It just seemed strange how all of a sudden, the front line refused to block. And why no one would tackle Vince Young. It seemed like a simple thing. I tried to put more into it than it deserved. I feel that sports today is not played on the up and up. The Colts head coach, Tony Dungy’s son died. I feel that criminal elements killed him. And sure enough, they lost in the playoffs.

A strange thing came over me as I was brooding over the USC loss. I heard about the upcoming draft and am pleased that many of my favorite players from that team will make great pros. One of note is Matt Leinert. It looks like the Saints will draft him. Won’t it be interesting if the other L.A. gets the team? Then Leinert will play in Los Angeles again. That made me feel good.

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