Sunday, June 29, 2008

Freeway Series wrapup...Oy Vey.

Gabcast! Stop this noise in my head #14 - Choking Dogs gag in the clutch

Two out of three ain't bad, but you knew Loney wasn't gonna get that big hit didn't ya?...didn't ya?....uh huh...uh huh...Ahhhh.....

Dodgers take two of three from the Angels in strangest Freeway Series in history.
Game one Dodgers win 6 to 0. Game two, a no-hit loss by the Angels who lose 1 to 0 without allowing a single hit. Today, Dodgers blow golden opportunity to sweep with bases loaded and gut check failure by Loney. Hey, it ain't his fault. When was the last time you remember a dodger getting that big hit? Huh....yeah, you know what I'm talking about. Just put the damper on my weekend, instead of giving me that extra boost of Geritol for the soul. The Blue sure know how to take the steam out of happiness, let me tell you.
Juan Pierre mashed at second. When does it end?


Blogger Michael Pascoe said...

You gotta look at this from a positive perspective, the Dodgers are two and half behind. Sure they could have pulled within one and a half, but they need to make this push soon. They beat a good Angel team and took it to them today only to come away with a loss.

Now, I don't want to be the optimist here, but the upturn has to start some time. And as you know in baseball, long streaks are rare. It's that they still play in series, so it's tough to get a six or seven game streak going like in basketball.

In baseball, winning two of out three and a sweep here and there is good. And for them to catch a slumping Diamondbacks, this is the start they need.

Let's stay positive.

6:10 PM  
Blogger Tony Forkush said...

Who's being negative?

Why I outta....

7:31 PM  
Blogger Michael Pascoe said...

This morning I had some Pfannkuchen. . . or what you call grease cakes. They were good, but I know I'm going to regret it tomorrow on the scale.

11:26 PM  
Blogger Michael Pascoe said...

Dodgers are a half a game back. Le'ts hope this continues.

11:13 PM  

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