Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ned Colletti's rope seems to be getting shorter

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Here's the upshot:
McCourt is a cheapskate who is unwilling to send cash to other teams forcing his GM to give them prospects instead. Such is the case with Casey Blake.
Essentially, Blake is this years Shea Hillenbrand with better publicity. The Indians are paying all his salary, but, not unlike

Ned Colletti's rope seems to be getting shorter

General manager's job is in jeopardy and Dodgers owner may have cut off his allowance.

Bill Shaikin

July 27 2008

This could be Ned Colletti's last trade as the Dodgers' general manager.

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Blogger JamieB. said...

They had to defile the front page of today's LA Times sports section with this dude, Daron Malakian, formerly of the band System of a Down, who's music is favored by most of the wimpy little wanna-be gangster jackholes I've ever known. That this this grim, sorry sack is a fellow Armenian is bad enough but he has to go on and on about how much he grooves with Dodger Stadium, making me not like the place even further (overrated stadium with overrated hot dogs.)
But I arrived at that feeling on my own, Dodger fans. I don't need a prodding from this frickin' tool. I'm thinking this guy rubs me the wrong way.

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