Monday, January 09, 2006

Ta Ta Weaver

So, the Dodgers and Jeff Weaver have officially parted ways. Too bad. I thought he was kind of coming around at the end of last season. He was really the ace by the end. But Colletti clearly made the right decision to not re-sign him with the kind of deal they were looking at: a three year deal with an option year for a fourth. Come on! Give me a friggin break. Everywhere this mutt has gone he has shown signs of coming out of his doldrums, or so it appeared as though he was coming out of his doldrums. Truth be told, they weren't doldrums at all. This is it. Whatcha see is whatcha get. His ability to rack up "quality starts", whatever the hell that means, was totally offset by his bizarre Freudian sixth inning meltdowns and subsequent pathological behavior. His signature image will always be the catalogue shot of him in the dugout, running hands through his hair, cap off, muttering. Yeah, I'm afraid that says it all. He is a mutterer. And mutterers never get better without some kind of help. Weaver is case in point for the services of a sports psychologist. But, if the guy hasn't got it by now...uh uh...he aint' gonna. So, Lowe, Penny, Perez, Tomko, Seo and pray for rain (maybe someone else. That's what Colletti still say's he wants). Edwin Jackson maybe in the pen for middle relief and the new kid Osorio (or maybe, the devil willing, Tavares), Brazoban and the Gag's. Bye bye Jeff, enjoy Kansas City.


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