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Fw: life's weirdness

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It is just amazing to me to fully admit that I could be as unliked as
I am by so many different people in the world. It is also just as
amazing how liked I am by other people. What in god's name are people
seeing who both like and dislike me? Those who dislike me are seeing
the same actions I perform as those who like me. What in God's name
is going on here? And, more importantly, why do I give it so much
That's a really good question. It is unfathomable to me that anyone
couldn't like me. I have set up my entire life in order for people to
like me. And when they don't, and believe me they don't, I just can't
stand it. I just can't stand me for doing things which make them
dislike me. Especially when I don't do anything to make them feel
this way. So, the truth is I have to change myself to make every
single person like me the way I need them to. How do I do that? You
see the silliness here. 
What other people think of me is not my business. It is God and my
business. I have heard that term over and over and have no idea how
to implement that sage bit of advice. It seems that people will see
exactly what they need to see in order to feel okay. That applies to
both camps. My job is to stay connected to my higher power and
remember that it is his love that matters. His way is the way. Those
who need to control me, man oh manoshevitz, god bless them. Those who
love me. Well, thank god for them too.


Blogger Michael Pascoe said...

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10:27 AM  
Blogger Michael Pascoe said...

Ah, my friend… there is an old show biz saying, “If you try to please all, you please none.” The reason some people like you and others don’t is their own tastes. I, for one enjoy someone that is knowledgeable in many things. Who has a sense of humor. I also enjoy talking about sports past and present. And that is why I get along with you.

On the other hand… there are many that feel threaten by those that are comfortable with who they are. They can’t control that person… exploit them if you will. Those people have problems with themselves. They are the unfortunate ones because they can’t enjoy the pleasures you have to offer.

All that you can do it be the best that you can be. Self improvement is fine, but you must do it because you think it will improve you. Not because someone else thinks it will improve you. If you have things to work on (and we all do) it may be in coping. But, as far as a genuine person, he have achieved that. Stay that way and don’t let others change you.

11:27 AM  
Blogger Tony Forkush said...

Mr Pascoe. God bless you for your comments. They are exactly what I needed to hear. I am in such a strange place with all of this. And my job has brought me into direct contact with that insecure part of myself. I see how quickly I jump when people attempt to control me. But I am getting better. You know how I can tell? Because they don't like me anymore. But those who do like me for my being who I am are my true friends. Like you.
Your friend,
Tony (Mr. 81 points).

1:46 PM  
Blogger Michael Pascoe said...

You signed this Mr. 81 points. Wasn’t f***king incredible? I didn’t know that the Lakers were playing that night. I was still a little pissed over their loss to Sacramento. Kobe scores 51 points and it was still not enough.

The loss to Phoenix a few nights later would have been easier to take if they didn’t blow a five point lead with 35 seconds in the Sacramento game. Phoenix had this game in hand and it was not a shocker that the Lakers lost.

I was watching Desperate Housewives during Kobe’s reincarnation of Wilt and would have switched back and forth if I had known they were playing. I was burned out on sports that night watching both football games.

Apparently what I read was that the Lakers was about to lose three in a row and down by 18 points when Kobe took over. The fans where chanting his name when he reached 60 points. Then seventy. Phil Jackson saw that the Lakers where up comfortably with about 4 minutes left and was going to take Kobe out.

That was until one of his assistant coaches told him that Kobe had 77 points. Jackson had no idea. Neither did Kobe. Jackson kept him in to see how far he could go. With 4.2 seconds left, Jackson took him out so Kobe could get his standing ovation.

Kobe is now in the record books and probably won’t be knocked off for a while. My only beef was that the rest of the team only scored 41 points. This must not continue. They need some one else to carrying the load. Games like this is fun, but it is not good basketball. If the Lakers want to go far in the playoffs, they need a few more supporting players.

As mentioned, I was watching the NFL playoffs early that day. I haven’t watched too many football games this year, but caught the beginning of the AFC Championship game. Their opening promo had Deacon Jones doing a rap of sorts. Seeing him brought back many memories. As a kid, he was my favorite football player.

He and Merlin Olson use to team up to prevent the double and triple teaming that was used against them to stop their awesome pass rushing abilities. One technique that they used was to have Deacon Jones step back and then send Merlin on a sweep around him. This way one or both can get to the passer. This also was effective against the run.

Deacon Jones also used his big hands to slap the side of the head of the blocker. This was legal at the time and you can see why they disbanded it. Jones rang the bell of many of tight end and offensive tackles.

I also remember as a kid being angry against Ram head coach Tommy Protho for sending Deacon Jones to the San Diego Chargers. Do you remember him? I was so angry that I wanted him to be fired. I didn’t even care if they hired an unknown assistant coach to take his place. As long as he was gone. Well, this assistant coach was Chuck Knox who resurrected the team.

When Protho went to San Diego, he again sent Deacon Jones a packing. He traded him to Washington where Deacon played for his former Ram coach George Allen.

After Deacon left, my favorite player was Merlin Olson. He was great to watch. In fact, that team in the seventies was good. Many don’t talk about how great that seventies Ram team was. You and I do. The reason of course was because their lack of getting into the Super Bowl made many forget how good they were. They were picked many times to win it all. But of curse fell short many times to the Vikings and Cowboys.

The Rams had Lawrence McCutcheon and John Cappelletti in the backfield. Harold Jackson and Ron Jessie as wide receivers. And Pat Haden was actually a fairly good quarterback. If you check on his stats, he had some Hall of Fame number for a while.
In fact, Lawrence McCutcheon is also never talked about. For a short time he also had Hall of Fame numbers. It’s a shame that he couldn’t keep it up.

Many also talk about how John Cappelletti never fulfilled his Heisman potential. What people don’t realize is that Cappelletti was used as a blocking back for McCutcheon. Also, he was used for many important third and one situations. He was just as responsible for the success of the team.

I know your memorable moment was when the Rams where going in for the game winning touchdown against the Vikings in 1978 (1977 season). Haden when back to pass within the Vikings own ten yard and threw an interception. It might have cost Ground Chuck his job.

Anyway, keep up the stiff upper lip chap. They may be able to take your car, your house, and even your life, but they’ll never be able to take your spirit.

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