Monday, January 14, 2008

Numinous exploration of our lost psyche.

In Kyle Henry's fascinating film "Room", Cyndi Williams gives one of the finest American female performances in years. As Julia, an archetypal housewife, mother and working woman, Ms. Williams reveals to us a signature crisis of our modern collective soul gone missing. Director Kyle Henry takes us down the rabbit hole and invites us to experience the pathos of our own struggle for spiritual redemption. Ambivalence is used as nourishment in which to detach from the limits of a linear resolution that our paradigm so desperately feels it needs. These themes, also significantly expressed in "No Country for Old Men", show that the modern American existential crisis is currently best expressed from myths rooted in the frontier, particularly the Southwest ("There will be Blood"). All of these parables are extrapolating the vanquishing U.S. psyche. The symbolism is never overwrought and, for that, culminates in Julia's devastating final moment of transcendence.

A great Indie.