Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tonights Dodger game from San Fran: skip it.

Turned the game off in the first with the Dodgers down 4 to 0 and a completely unhittable Tim Lincecum on the mound. See you tomorrow night.

Best pitcher in baseball.

A number of things had to happen sequentially tonight I believe for the Dodgers to have a chance to beat Tim Lincecum. First off, they needed to have a productive top of the first. All three balls were hit on the nail but somehow found their way into the gloves of the Giants. As soon as I saw that, and Lincecum got out of that top of the first having made all of five pitches, or something like that, I knew that we were in massive trouble.

Secondly, it was imperative that Stults have a solid game. Remember, this is one of the worst offenses in baseball in the Giants. They are at the bottom of the league in almost every offensive category. As soon as Stults began to make his pitches I could see there was going to be no chance for us to win tonight. I even wonder if Torre, knowing that, rested Kemp. After Lewis made out, it was a merry go round of Giant hitters. This is what Eric Stults is. The matchup was a mismatch tonight and the Dodgers, under any ordinary circumstance would have enormous difficulty beating this man. After going down by 4 it was mail it in time, see you tomorrow San Diego.

First round knockout, as I suspected.

Dodgers pop the clutch tonight in Frisco with 5 to 3 win.

Manny Ramirez doubled three times, the last to set the table for the go ahead runs in the ninth inning of a game that was tied at 3-3. Andre Ethier came up and had a ten pitch at bat, finally doubling Ramirez in to make it 4 to 3. Matt Kemp then tripled in Ethier, and the Dodgers would end up winning 5 to 3 as lefty Will Ohman retired the Giants one, two , three in the bottom of the ninth. Chad Billingsley would have recorded his fifth win in the month of April, the most since Kaz Ishii in 2001 and before that Orel Hersheiser in 1988, were it not for Jonathan Broxton walking in the tying run in the eighth inning. Broxton was asked to make a five out save again as Joe Torre simply has no 8th inning bridge in the bullpen until Hong Chi Kuo irons out his problems. Overall, Bills didn't have his best stuff but gutted it out for a ND.

There were a myriad of plays in this game, from wonderful to awful. The most memorable, however, was clearly the relay off the wall from Kemp to Furcal gunning down Randy Wynn at the plate trying to score under Martin's glove. Replays seem to indicate that Wynn got his hand under the tag, but hey who gives a shit? The Dodgers came up with numerous big clutch plays tonight to counter their inability to cash in runs off of their 8 or more walks. This was a big win, keeps them at .500 on the road trip and they absolutely needed it as they face the best pitcher perhaps in baseball tomorrow night in Tim Lincecum.

The difference in the game tonight? Why, Manny Ramirez of course.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, REALLY, bad loss to the hated ones 5 to 4.

I started the game at midnight on my DVR sans commercials. It was depressing until the rally. After that, I felt quite confident that some kind of 8th inning combination of Kuo, or Ohman could have BRIDGED THE GAP (important key words here) to Broxton in the ninth. What a debacle. Three lefty relievers in the pen and he opts to continue with Belly. Wow! It is now 2:00AM, I am so frustrated that I won't sleep for at least two to three more hours. I went from depressed to high to completely pissed off in two and a half hours.
I also do feel that the ridiculous scheduling of April has a lot to do with what is going on here. The absurd amount of road games has begun to take a toll on this warm weather club. I suspect it will get much better beginning in May with our massive amount of home games.
Still, its the Giants so this sucks gefilte fish. When it ends like this, with these kinds of circumstances, I opt to not thank God for my day.

I understand there are losses in the game of baseball. But its THIS kind of bullshit loss that really fucks with my day and just puts a nice big sheen of shit on my day as I go off to slumberland. Thank God there will be another game tomorrow with a potentially different result. I'll admit it thought, its this kind of shit that makes me want to throw the television off of the balcony into the swimming pool. Oh, wait, they filled that in with concrete.

I hate this game sometimes.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dodgers take game 2 against Rockies, again 6 to 5

Boys in blue take another one from the woeful Rocks. Trancoso showed what a man he was. four shutout innings. Dodgers finding ways to beat you every way possible. It's three A.M. and I am still awake. I've become a vampire. Whoa.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Dodgers win brutal game 1 at Coors Field 6 to 5. Shit, I'm exhausted!

Just finished watching the DVR version of tonight's Dodgers V. Rockies game from That pissoir called Coors Field. Just look at those losers and their children playing baseball in forty degree weather a mile above the earth. Who gives a shit. Fuck them! Assholes.

But anyway, the Dodgers were MEN tonight, let me tell you. All except that little bitch Matt Kemp who struck out like ten fucking times and then almost killed Manny Ramirez AND Rafael Furcal with one fell swoop. Dodgers left like a hundred and ten men on base but still somehow, someway found a way to ward off the evil spirits of Brad Hawpe and Troy SuckMYWitzki. Manny Corpus my ass gave up the go ahead to my boy Ozzie Ausmus, you know the genius from Dartmouth, who is about to overshadow the roid master Martin out of the lineup. Well, not really, but Loretta and my boy Ozzie really took it to the Rocks tonight. Also, Hong Chi Kuo pitches like a mental patient (I should know), throwing hundred mile and hour balls over the backstop and into the camera well. He sucks fuck, at least right now.

But my boys in blue kicked fuck tonight. Although those assholes from San Diego keep fucking around and hanging on around my balls beating the Pirates in extras tonight. Fuck off those fuckers. They will drop off soon enough. Losers!

Anyway, I will take all psych meds tomorrow. But for tonight.....Go UTAH JAZZ!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Opening day tomorrow

Testing one two three, testing.

(Dodgers VS. Padres)
Peavy V. Kuroda.