Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Giants fall on Dodger's swords 4-2, and other neurosis

Dodgers 5.5 over Rockies, 6.5 over Giants.

Tell me if this is strange:

In order for me to prevent Panic Anxiety Disorder, I have developed a new system of watching the games. In series such as Dodger/Giants, which have a high Fight or Flight potential, I have created a unique system which incorporates the newest in technology with the flexibility of interactive media creating a synergistic paradigm that can take the LACK OF CONTROL out of the game of Baseball.

I begin by DVR'ing the game at 7:10PM, but do not actually begin the viewing until roughly 2 hours later. When 9:10PM arrives, I go to MLB Gameday and enter the game in progress LIVE. If the Dodgers are winning, I then re-start the Dodger game on my DVR from the beginning with Vinny calling it in the background. If the Dodgers win the game in real time, I then go back to the game on my TV and fully complete the viewing experience replete with analysis.


If the Dodgers are losing when I enter the game in real time on Gameday, I then delete the entire DVR recording and watch the game as is. This potentially saves me two plus hours of increased adrenalurgic activity and allows me free and unobstructed enjoyment of the game that could, in other circumstances, disable me.

Does this seem like an odd thing to do? Any medical professionals? Questions? Comments?