Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dodgers 'pen falls on its sword in defeat

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Dodgers 'pen falls on its sword in defeat

Relievers cough up go-ahead run in seventh and two insurance runs in the eighth inning of 6-3 loss to Marlins, throwing a spotlight an a troublesome area for the team.

By Kevin Baxter
On The Dodgers

July 25 2009, 12:09 AM PDT

Fewer than seven shopping days remain until baseball's trade deadline. And if you're wondering what's on the Dodgers' wish list, Friday's 6-3 loss to the Florida Marlins provided a not-so-subtle hint.

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A few things seem to be at work here.

The Los Angeles Times often seems to act as the Dodger's PR proxy, whereas on the east coast the scribes run the show, on the west coast the opposite is true. The fact that articles are suddenly appearing condemning in no uncertain terms the Dodger pen, with the kind of panic best left for real emergencies, is illustrative of the quote "the lady doth protest too much methinks".

These "releases" from the LA Times via Josh Rawitch are tantamount to a shortstop holding the ball in a hopeful "deek". In other words, the Dodgers have no intention of signing Roy Halladay but cannot be perceived as not interested directly, so a covert strategy is employed utilizing untouchable names from the 25 man roster, and an over-emphasis on the collapse of the bullpen to distract you and I from pondering a Halladay acquisition. This is PR 101, and is most typically utilized in the movie business of which the Dodger's organization essentially model themselves after.

No other baseball organization runs this way except the Dodgers. The issue is not the obliteration of the pen, which while overused and young IS THE BEST IN BASEBALL. The issue is deny, deny, deny and hearts and minds.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Is God for me or against me? You make the call.

Time Warner Cable Misses Manny Homer.

LA Observed article regarding Time Warner missing Manny Ramirez's historic homer

This is one of the most outrageous snafus in the history of sports. Perhaps the biggest home run of the season, the loudest perhaps since Gibson in terms of fan noise, and my cable went down like a bad whore. Nothing but black on the screen as Manny was standing in the on-deck circle, and then several commercials, then back to the Dodger game with Manny in the dugout after the grand slam homer, missing everything.
Half the damn city missed this moment. I had Time Warner technicians at my house all day long and now I find out that it is a problem with the signal in different parts of the city. So typical! So utterly disgusting! Once again, Dodger Tony misses the party.

I have never seen Manny play live. Finally on May 7th I had tickets to see him at Dodger Stadium and that was the night he was suspended. I have written about this over and over on this blog. To miss THIS moment on top of my devastating bad luck on May 7th is too much to handle. I am a recovering alcoholic whose life is not much to brag about at the moment. I am seriously contemplating a huge giant bottle of Jack and a lovely handful of vicodin. However, anyone who has struggled with getting sober knows that there are incredible initiations which every single sober person must go through SOBER. I will not let these disappointments drag me back to drinking again. NO WAY. Its not worth it. This has been one of the worst years of my life in terms of disappointments, in spite of the greatness of this Dodger year. This missed homer tonight is just about the cherry on top. Plus, I tried to get a ticket to the game tonight and couldn't

Time to get real grateful for the really important things in life. Maybe that's the real lesson here.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Can you say National League are total losers?

You know, I took for granted all the years when the NL shoved it up the ass of the AL during my youth. That's right, every stinkin year I would get to laugh at the Freddy Lynns and Luis Tiants as Pete Rose and Steve Garvey would run around the bases every July. 12 consecutive wins to none for the AL

I am now paying dearly for all those years.

In what can only be described as an NL West pitching nightmare, Tim Lincecum, Chad Billingsley and Heath Bell gave up all four runs to the American League All Stars tonight in front of the most knowledgeable National League fans, in perhaps the most storied National League city, with their most storied current player, in front of their greatest player and perhaps the greatest NL player of all time, and laid a big fat doodoo on the front lawn. The American League won 4-3 over the National League, and broke the NL record of 12 consecutive wins to go 13 and 0 over the National League who hasn't won an All Star game since 1996, with apologies to President Clinton.

Once again, they lost by a single stinkin dangleberry out of their asses. But it was enough to propel perhaps the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Tampa Bay Rays, Detroit Tigers, Anaheim Angels, or any single one of any team you want, to home field advantage no matter what National League team they play in October. Granted, home field in Baseball is by no means a fait accomplis, but it still makes a difference. No team would it make a greater difference to than....the Los Angeles Dodgers, who have the best home record in Baseball (as well as the best road record mind you). But are Dodger fans more comfortable today with the prospect of a game 7 in Fenway against Josh Beckett, or New York against Sabathia, or game 7 in Anaheim against Lackey and his band of faggots? You get the picture.

The most un-fucking-believable thorn in Dodger fans sides after tonight's game, though, has got to be the despicable and gutless performance of their very own Billingsley, who very well may have single-handedly lost the world championship for them by allowing a 2 strike, 2 out double to left field by Joe Mauer, after Yadier Molina couldn't hold onto a third strike foul tip. Forget about Molina. The fact that this loser came back to allow the tying run, setting up the debacle of Heath Bell, is simply too much to take and sends the most detestable message, yet again, to your team that you are 100 % GRADE A PRIME CHOICE ASSHOLE, who cannot be trusted with an important game at any point the rest of your Dodger career.

And how about Lincecum? What the hell was that? Or Roy "let's trade our whole Dodger roster for him" Halladay giving up four consecutive hits and three earned in the first.

What may have been the most galling moment in a litany of humiliations, however, was that immediately after Chad Billingsley ate shit on the mound in the fifth, ex Dodger Edwin Jackson came out for the bottom of the 5th and made what seemed like three pitches to quickly end the inning. Great trade Ned!

But a more sinister and touchy subject needs to be addressed here, I'm afraid. That is the decision by either MLB itself, or the NL bigwigs, to chose players of color who are not legitimate All Stars in an attempt to fit the bill of political correctness and use the NL squad to fit some kind of marketing quota totally compromising the NL's chances of actually having the best players on the field to compete with the AL. Are you telling me that Arizona D'Backs Justin Upton deserved to be in left field late in the game for the NL over JUAN PIERRE? Or that Ryan Howard was the best choice to come up with two men on when all the NL needed was a stinking single? All one needs do is look to both squads and see the difference in ethnic makeup. How ironic that a player of color, Carl Crawford, wins the MVP on an overwhelmingly anglo dominated AL Squad. As long as the NL plays the Jackie Robinson card year in and year out, it will lose. And with the World Series at stake, it is too high a price to pay and is unfair to the fans of this great league and, I feel, the better game.

And what about Charlie Manuel and his decision to leave in Heath Bell, the third Padre pitcher to lose an All Star Game IN THE LAST FOUR YEARS with Johann Santana, Francisco Rodriguez and two more pitchers on the NL bench?

It ain't just AL dominance. It is really really bad coaching, combined with political correctness, and gutless NL pitching that has cost them home field the last six years.

Hey NL, your fate is in your own hands. For tonight, I'm sitting on mine.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Batting Stance Guy.

Cal Arts Alumni photos

These are from the recent Cal Arts Alumni Association mixer that was in Pasadena last month. Thanks to Terianne Steinhauer for her generous spirit. If you'll notice, there is a glitch in the photographs. Somehow the camera took 100 pounds off of Kevin and Terianne, but added 100 pounds to Cal Arts President Steven Lavine and a whopping 250 pounds to my very slim 150 pound frame. Very strange.

Anthony Forkush, Terianne Steinhauer,Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown, Terianne Steinhauer, Steven Lavine, Anthony Forkush

Monday, July 13, 2009

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Here's to you Jamie B.

Dodgers 7 - Brewers 4

As the first half of the season ends, (predictable opening salvo), I am putting away the aggravation cap and letting out a big belch of relief. I can only say: what a ballclub!

Bravo! Here's to the best team in Major League Baseball!

In spite of my mishugas, the full blown reality of '09 is that we have just witnessed the most impressive first half performance from the best Dodger team in three decades. Congrats to everyone involved.

However, of all the amazing stats and stories of this team, I think the one that jumps out at me right now is that the Los Angeles Dodgers are currently the best road team in major league baseball. We know how wonderful the team has been at home (a little more human in the last month at the ravine), but the fact that they now have a better road record than the Phillies is beyond incredible. The other mind blowing stat is their not having lost three in a row, the only team to have prevented that from happening. Grind city baby.

No one knows what the future brings (except maybe Frank and Jamie), but if somehow we get an ace guy, whether an Oswalt, Peavy, Lee or, in the best of possible worlds, Halladay, the Dodgers will be in the equation to the bitter end, and though they might stumble before the finish line, the opposing teams will have to go through the 7th circle of hell to beat them.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

With six you get egg roll.

As the trading deadline approaches (nice opening half sentence), Ned Colletti is in a rather unenviable position. The man without the contract extension may be forced to make some kind of a signature pitching move, or two or three, in order to secure his post. If he, and I mean Colletti, is really the GM of this team then, budget notwithstanding, he is under enormous pressure to win now. Or is he?

Perhaps it is just me, but does anyone on this blog believe that this year's team can progress unimpeded through the playoffs with the starting pitching as it is now constituted? How confident are Dodger fans with this proposition? These are really rhetorical questions and are not meant to be answered but mulled.

It seems time for our news media (Mr. Shaiken) to provide us with Ned Colletti's mindset into these matters, transparency or no.

I, for one, believe that this ballclub is two to three arms away from a championship. That's three players. When was the last time the Dodgers appeared this capable of a pennant and trophy? Last year was the opening act. Let us hope that fear of future diminution by Colletti, if he is the GM, will not sabotage this perhaps once in a lifetime opportunity to win now at all costs.

For what more is there really than that?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Bring on the hated ones.

San Francisco Giant pitcher Jonathan Sanchez

The Great Bison Matt Kemp.

I don't remember the last time I had the following roller coaster of emotions: happy, sad, happy happy, sad sad, disgusted, anxious, sadly pathetic, disgruntled, nervously apoplectic, discarded, angry, really angry, rage, enervating rage, 5150 potential, elated, ELECTRIFIED, MIND NUMBINGLY DELIRIOUSLY ADRENALIZED...

depressed and incomprehensibly hateful at the story of the night in MLB, in spite of of a non-padre padre in attendance to witness a 3-8 pitcher get the love of some very foolish baseball Gods.

At the moment, I am hunkering down and ready to do battle with the rest of the entire world who seems to be aligned against the Dodgers, have anointed the hated ones from the hated east coast city by the bay as the darlings of the game and am roaring like my two fighting felines, spitting and hissing and saying to them all:


I guess the last time I felt that way was sometime last night.

Congrats Dodgers on your win.
Death to San Francisco and its infestation.

Trade deadline fast approaching

After a lengthy statistical analysis of the Dodgers without any of the analysis, my dear friend, a longtime contributor to Dodgerthoughts who shall remain nameless, and I have finally slogged through all of the statistical nomenclature to come to something akin to Stan Conte's new injurymetric algorithm (featured in today's NY Times...that's right you heard me), and have decisively agreed as to what the Dodgers MUST have to proceed elegantly into October and, most hopefully, into the kith and kin of November.

The Dodgers MUST acquire not an inning's eating machine on the mound, but a bona fide top of the rotation ACE, if not two of them, and a mashing number four hole hitter. This addresses both areas of most immediate concern to the team: their lack of a bona fide top of the rotation ACE and a number four hole masher.

If the Dodgers wish to avoid the Chicago Cubs model of '08 and proceed apace into that good night, Ned Colletti must add these two signature elements. If the team stands pat and hopes beyond hope that Wolf and Kuroda and Kershaw have the stuff and substance to withstand such pressure, and that Andre Ethier can provide that power and strike fear into the heart of CC and Co., then more power to him. He will be handing over the reigns to Ms. Ng before Holloween.


Friday, July 03, 2009


Welcome back friends. I promised nothing for two months and guess what? I am a man of my word. Here is my post from Sports Seriously's Blog earlier tonight:

I have never seen a visiting crowd completely take over a ballpark. Tonight, the fans of LA, having come down to see Manny, overwhelmed the San Diego fans and their bees with chants of "We Love You Manny" and "Let's Go Dodgers" that would have made a Nuremberg rally blush. The punky losers from San Diego simply couldn't hold a candle to the intimidating Vato Locos from the East Side of "EL LAY". Surprisingly, LAPD Police chief Bernard Parks, pronounced William Bratton, missed a golden opportunity to eliminate gang activity by coordinating with the mayor of San Diego to drop a small 20 killoton nuclear device on Petco park, eliminating the gang problem from the city of Los Ang-gulus.

More importantly, the Dodgers have sent Juan Pierre a stern message that crime pays. I wholeheartedly agree. Juan, meet the pine my friend. You are back where you deserve to be....NOT.

In any event, Manny is back, the Dodgers are on their way to the fall classic, where the chowderheads of Boston will be waiting with their J.D. Drew dolls, and the Dodgers will lose a horrifyig 7th game on a walk off by Homer Bush.

Go Blue. Duster Baker Rules. Die Cubs Die.

Mike Scoscia's ASSSSSSS.

Oh, and one last thing-